Tanya Hudson

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My name is Tanya. I took over Flipflop Gymnastics many years ago. I have a love for children and Sports. I was a Junior Springbok Gymnast and I believe it is important for children to learn while having fun. Teaching children is my passion and I love to see their improvment once they have started taking part in the Flipflop Gymnastics programme. Our past pupils have made great achievments later in life. Teach your little ones to always reach for the stars and believe in themselves and their abilities.

Taila De Sousa

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My name is Taila De Sousa. I am a passionate, dedicated and diligent person, especially when it comes to working with children and guiding them as they grow and develop new skills. I am a patient person and I have always been excited when it comes to exercising as it is my passion. Working with children puts a smile on my face every single day. I love being able to teach them and keep them active in fun and exciting ways. I am always eager to get children involved. I have completed my BA at Wits. I also play Soccer socially to keep fit and healthy. My goal is to live a healthy and active lifestyle.

Sarah Pitt

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I am a student at the University of Witswatersrand studying Psychology and Linguistics. My aim is to become a Child Psychologist or Play Therapist since I am passionate about working with children. I have lead Sunday School classes, Tutored and I have Au Paired in the UK. I also love Sports and being active.

Alison Neebe

Alison Picture 084 548 9707 -

I have been in the fitness industry for 28 years and have a passion for health and exercise. Working with children is extremely rewarding and great fun. I love to see what they can acheive by pushing them to the next level and teaching them to have confidence in themselves.

Jacinta De Gouveia

Jacinta Picture 076 772 6612 -

My name is Jacinta De Gouveia. I am studying for a BA Law and Psychology degree at the University of Witwatersrand and plan on doing my LLB degree afterwards. I have played and loved Sports my whole life. At School I played Soccer and Netball. I also did Athletics and Swimming. I love working with children and sharing my love of Sports with them!

Jacqueline Vieira Estrela

Jacqueline Picture 072 712 3898 -

My name is Jacqueline Vieira Estrela and I am currently studying a Bachelors Degree of Information Science as well as Psychology at the University of Pretoria. I am known to be an extremely sporty and energetic person which is very beneficial to me, as I love coaching, teaching and molding the young minds of many children.

Shelby Melissa Van Der Merwe

Shelby Picture 072 145 4847 -

My name is Shelby Van Der Merwe. I am currently studying a Bcom in Marketing Management at Varsity College. I'm a very caring and dedicated person. I have always enjoyed working with children and helping them develop and grow. It is important for them to try new things to reach their full potential. Teaching has always been very rewarding for me.

Morgan Parker

morgan Picture 084 268 9427 -

I am Morgan Parker. I have a love for Children and Sports (specifically gymnastics). I was a Competitive Gymnast for 12 years and love to share my passion with the children I work with. I have worked with children in various fields as a Sunday School teacher, an Au pair and a Gymnastics Coach for many years. I could not think of a better career for myself. I love bringing smiles to their little faces. There is simply no better feeling in the world.

Ronel Palmer

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Hi! My name is Ronel Palmer. For as long as I can remember, my passion has been learning about ways to enrich a child’s growth and development. I believe that children need a way to learn through play while having loads of fun! For me - it’s the most rewarding job in the world - knowing that I’ve made a positive impact in the life of a child. Whether it’s improving their gross motor and fine motor skills, their coordination, teaching them good body awareness or helping them to concentrate and focus. Knowing that I have been able to give them the head start they need to become successful one day, puts a smile on my face every day.